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Assignment & Discussions: Prompts and Rubrics

by Vira Gryaznova, Dec 09-14, 2021


Develop an assignment prompt and two discussion prompts that can be used in your course.
Please include:

  1. Information from Instructional Design Document

    • Critical elements

    • Purpose/goal

    • Learning objectives from design document

  2. Assignment Prompt

    • Description of assignment

    • Directions for assignment

    • Guidelines for submission

  3. Two discussion prompts

    1. Include associated learning objectives from the Instructional Design Document
    2. Discussion prompt
    3. Information necessary for participation requirements


Develop a rubric for the assignment you created and a discussion rubric. 

Rubrics must include the following:​​​​

  • Assignment criteria

  • Levels of possible scoring, including a description of each,

  • Weight of each assignment criteria

Rubric 1: Evaluate Assignment from previous module​​​

  • Include the Assignment prompt from the previous module

  • The assignment rubric should be more unique than your discussion one based on the specificity of the assignment details. 

Rubric 2: Evaluate the general discussions in your course 

Discussion rubrics tend to be broader but should include:​​​

  • Criteria of main posts

  • Subject matter expertise

  • Ability to engage the audience

  • Participation expectations

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